The “Shock Factor”

What a great example of “The Shock Factor” !  Watch this audition video of Johnny Robinson’s audition – The X Factor 2011 Things are not always what they seem on the outside.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.  Many times a completely different character is hidden under a physique, mannerism or psychological mask.  … Continue reading The “Shock Factor”

I ordered this?

How often have we ordered food at a restaurant or clothes from an online catalog and said to ourselves when it came to us, “This is not what I expected;  this is not what I ordered!” Now sometimes,  the human error factor causes our desires to be misunderstood.  In the world of our thoughts,  are … Continue reading I ordered this?

Unemployment 101

“Our wellbeing actually recovers more rapidly from the death of a spouse than it does from a sustained period of unemployment.” from  Well Being by Tom Rath & Jim Harter Do you find this surprising?  The best way for me to begin to understand this “statistic”  is to recognize that we have rituals as well … Continue reading Unemployment 101

The S & P Index

The S&P 500®  (Standard & Poors) has been widely regarded as the best single gauge of the large cap U.S. equities market since the index was first published in 1957. … We attended the “Church down the Street” this past Sunday and one of the leaders made a comment that “What we should really be … Continue reading The S & P Index

Strengths Based Living

What if you decided that today you would live by your strengths and stop putting your energy and thoughts into conquering your weaknesses? How will you feel about yourself, your work and those around you? What is your new energy level? What will you accomplish and contribute  to the universe in a way that no … Continue reading Strengths Based Living

Project Slipstream

I am a huge fan of Le Tour de France. Cycling is the best combination of travel, exercise and nature. Although watching Le Tour only provides the vision of travel along the route of the tour and not the close experience with nature or exercise, I have found myself drawn in by the drama. Yesterday, … Continue reading Project Slipstream