Action Required! Connect with the Genius Within Now!

4 thoughts on “Action Required! Connect with the Genius Within Now!”

  1. This is very good and important information. There needs to be one more point to pass through to assure the success one desires. That one point, in my mind, is an honest evaluation. Honest because we tend to give our own selves pretty good grades. The evaluation as a check point to the progress being made. Too many times our evaluation of the results is premature of the actual accomplishment desires.
    Jerry M. Graves
    Mental Toughness/Critical Thinking Coach


    1. Dear Jerry,

      Thank you for your comment. you bring up a good point about honest evaluation. How can we honestly evaluate aspects that cannot be given a number or a concrete value? Always a tough discussion, like customer satisfaction or “I feel better”!

      Thanks again! Jennifer


  2. This is great stuff. One (or many) values being that gives me a way to figure out what’s missing when the inner genius is NOT connected.


    1. Thanks Roger! Great insight on figuring out what is missing. How do you feel when the inner genius is not engaged? Where do you feel it in your body and what actions does it lead to……..hmmmmmm. Maybe the inner genius shows up in your gut. Jennifer


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