Strengths Based Living

What if you decided that today you would live by your strengths and stop putting your energy and thoughts into conquering your weaknesses? How will you feel about yourself, your work and those around you? What is your new energy level? What will you accomplish and contribute  to the universe in a way that no … Continue reading Strengths Based Living

Project Slipstream

I am a huge fan of Le Tour de France. Cycling is the best combination of travel, exercise and nature. Although watching Le Tour only provides the vision of travel along the route of the tour and not the close experience with nature or exercise, I have found myself drawn in by the drama. Yesterday, … Continue reading Project Slipstream

Transition or Triage

For the last 5 years, since my divorce, I have been satisfied with survival. I have a home to live in, children to care for and the opportunity to engage in my lifelong passion for music at a professional level. But………I don’t want to just survive anymore. I want to thrive!!!! The idea of assessing … Continue reading Transition or Triage